1 Kings 


Lesson Number

Class Date


1 Kings 26

May 12, 11

1 Kgs 22: death of Ahab, the prophecy fulfilled; how God uses deceptive action of man to further His plan; end of series

1 Kings 25

May 5, 11

1 Kgs 21; Ahab and Naboth; Ahab responsible for the murder of Naboth; Elijah confronts Ahab with judgment from God; mercy of God

1 Kings 24

Apr 28, 11

1 Kgs 20; Elijah syndrome; 7000 in NK remain faithful to God; Ahab given another chance to obey God, takes action but without seeking counsel from God; another prophet used by God to demonstrate His authority

1 Kings 23

Apr 21, 11

1 Kgs 19; Elijah like any other man, prone to weaknesses and failure; self-absorption; God’s faithfulness to the faithful remnant He has preserved in the NK ; anointing of Elisha

1 Kings 22

Apr 14, 11

1 Kgs 18:21-46; Elijah challenges the Baal prophets on Mt. Carmal; reminds Israel on their history in laying out the altar; Jews looking for miracles; unhappiness comes from focus on self instead of focus on God and serving Him

1 Kings 21

Apr 7, 11

1 Kgs 18:1-18; Obadiah, a man of faith fixed on himself; ethical situations; God protects those who demonstrate faith in Him; history revolves around spirituality

1 Kings 20

Mar 31, 11

1 Kgs 17: Elijah prophesies a drought; 3 tests for Elijah; sustained by God regardless of historical circumstances

1 Kings 19

Mar 24, 11

1 Kgs 16; God raises up rulers to execute His plan in NK; Baasha dynasty cut off; rulers held responsible for leading people in idolatry; Omri deemed good ruler from human viewpoint but evil from biblical; NK continues downward spiral; Ahab takes a wife; Hiel pays heavily for defying Joshua’s prophecy; Josh 6:26

1 Kings 18

Mar 3, 11

1 Kgs 15; reign of Abijah, Nadab, and Baasha in NK and reign of Asa in SK; Asa destroys the places of idol worship and idols, institutes reforms in Judah, but turns bitter and way from the Lord in the latter years of his life

1 Kings 17

Feb 24, 11

1 Kgs 14; Jeraboam deceptively seeks the counsel of Ahijah; death of Jeraboam’s firstborn Abijah and the loss of his dynasty; the sin of Jeraboam responsible for the fall of the Northern Kingdom; a nation gets the ruler it deserves; resurgence of Egypt and confiscation of all the treasures of Judah

1 Kings 16

Feb 17, 11

1 Kgs:13; Jeraboam defies God, sets up altars in Bethel and Dan; qualifications of a prophet; Deut 13:1-4; decision making should be based on the Word of God, not experience

1 Kings 15

Feb 10, 11

1 Kgs 12:1-33. Rehoboam was advised to serve the people and lighten their conscripted labor; instead the new king intensified it. In fulfillment of prophecy, the stage was now set for the secession of the northern kingdom and Jeroboam's reign over the ten tribes. Despite God's promise to Jeroboam for an enduring house, he took matters into his own hands and devised two golden calves along with a new priesthood.

1 Kings 14

Feb 4, 11

1 Kgs 11:1-42; Solomon discipline for disobedience from God will occur after his death- the splitting of the kingdom

1 Kings 13

Dec 16, 10

1 Kings 11:1-3; Solomon’s disobedience and loss of spiritual faithfulness; accumulation of many foreign wives a lust for power through alliances; forms of distractions to the spiritual life

1 Kings 12

Dec 2, 10

1 Kings 9:10-Solomon’s building campaign continues-fortified cities, naval base , fleet of ships; visit from Queen of Sheba ; Solomon amasses great personal wealth, all in opposition to God’s command for the king of Israel; Deut 17:14-20

1 Kings 11

Nov 18, 10

1 Kings 8:54-9:9; conclusion of Solomon’s prayer; glory of the Lord fills the Temple; Feast of the Tabernacles extended at the dedication of the Temple; logistics involved in the handling the multitude of sacrifices;; God’s conditional covenant with Solomon

1 Kings 10

Nov 11, 10

1 Kings 8:22-46; Solomon’s prayer of dedication; seven requests of God; prayer contingent upon the character and promises of God

1 Kings 9

Nov 4, 10

1 Kings 8:1-21. The priests move the ark and tabernacle furnishings from the city of David into the Most Holy place of the temple. The ark housed only the two tablets of stone; what about the pot of manna and Aaron's rod (Ex 16:33; Num 17:10)? The cloud, representing the presence of the Lord, filled the temple. Solomon addresses the people declaring the glory of God and His faithfulness to Israel.

1 Kings 8

Oct 28, 10

1 Kings 7:1; Solomon builds his palace complex, hires expert bronze craftsman; description of articles of worship both inside and outside the Temple building; splendor of the Temple drew people form all over the work and was designed to focus their attention on God

1 Kings 7

Oct 21, 10

I Kings 5-6; Israel’s zenith; Solomon’s reign a time of peace; wisdom in international and trade agreements; seeks the finest materials and artisans for the construction of the Temple; completed in 7 years

1 Kings 6

Oct 14, 10

1 Kings 4:1-34; Solomon’s administration; 12 provinces provide for his kingdom; Solomon’s wisdom and knowledge known throughout the world

1 Kings 5

Oct 7, 10

1 Kgs 3:1- 28; Solomon’s wisdom and organization; his request for a “listening, hearing, obeying heart”; concentrate on the spiritual things and God rewards with the temporal things; wisdom is in getting the truth

1 Kings 4

Sep 30, 10

1 Kgs 2:25-46; Solomon consolidates his power

1 Kings 3

Sep 23, 10

1 Kgs 2:1-25; David gives both spiritual and political guidance to Solomon as well as addresses Israel about Solomon’s reign; 1 Chron 2:6ff; 23:1ff; 28:1ff; 29:1ff: David’s death and legacy; Adonijah attempts to usurp the throne again 

1 Kings 2

Sep 16, 10

1 Kgs 1:28-52; David fulfills his promise to Bath-Sheba – Solomon would be king; orders Solomon’s anointing by Zadok and Nathan at the springs of Gihon; David and Solomon’s co-regency; Adonijah dismissed

1 Kings 1

Sep 9, 10

Introduction to Kings: possible author, time period, and purpose. 1 Kgs 1:1-27. Advanced in age and in poor health, King David is aided by a young woman. Even though Solomon was the designated successor, Adonijah attempts to usurp the crown by holding his own coronation. Nathan and Bathsheba approach David reminding him of his former promise and prompting him to take speedy action against Adonijah.