2 Samuel

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2 Sam 27

May 6, 10

2 Sam 24; David assumes responsibility for his failure as spiritual leader of Israel; the consequences of an improper census; David asks God to choose the discipline; God uses the death angel to bring about His righteous will; David builds an altar and offers sacrifices on what will become the Temple mount

2 Sam 26

Apr 29, 10

2 Sam 23; David’s last words and testament; he was cognizant the Holy Spirit was writing Scripture through him; 1 Sam 2:30; Acts 2:30; 2 Pet 1:19-20; 3:14-15; the biblical norm for the ruler of the nation; David’s list of mighty men

2 Sam 25

Apr 22, 10

2 Sam 22; a psalm of David; the poetry of the psalms

2 Sam 24

Apr 15, 10

2 Sam 21:1-22. After three years of famine, David inquires of the Lord and learns that Saul's unlawful ethnic cleansing of the Gibeonites is the cause. For just compensation the Gibeonites ask David to have seven of Saul's descendants executed. David has the bones of Saul and Jonathan buried back in Benjamin, and the Lord restores the land. The chapter ends with the heroic exploits of David's men against the Philistine giants.

2 Sam 23

Apr 8, 10

2 Sam 20:1-22; David tests Amasa’s loyalty; discontent of tribes in the North; Abishai- Davids’ go-to warrior; the pursuit of Sheba; Joab- a super patriot but treacherous and revengeful; the death of Amasa; the wise woman, a divine gift

2 Sam 22

Apr 1, 10

2 Sam 19:1-43. Overcome with grief at the loss of Absalom, David fails to demonstrate leadership and gratitude to his servants. The nation has become fractured from the revolt, and the king must regain both political and spiritual unity. David is invited to return to Jerusalem and encounters Shimei, Mephibosheth, and Barzillai. Instead of healing the disunity between the tribes, the spiritually floundering king allows it to remain.

2 Sam 21

Mar 25, 10

2 Sam 18; the Battle of Ephriam Woods; Absalom’s army defeated; the death of Absalom and David’s grief

2 Sam 20

Mar 18, 10

2 Sam 17; Absalom seeks Hushai’s advice; deception in warfare; biblical principles regarding suicide

2 Sam 19

Mar 4, 10

2 Sam 16:1-23. Ziba appears before David accusing Mephibosheth of desiring the kingdom for himself. Although Shimei falsely accuses David, hurling both insults and rocks, David does not retaliate. His mole, Hushai, deceives Absalom into believing his loyalty has turned. Heeding the advise of Ahithophel, Absalom lays with his father's concubines, as a claim to the throne.

2 Sam 18

Feb 25, 10

2 Sam 15: 1-37; Absalom’s deception to fulfill vow in Hebron, a ploy to destabilize David’s court; David flees Jerusalem as Absalom advances; David under discipline; God is faithful in the midst of our unfaithfulness

2 Sam 17

Feb 18, 10

2 Sam 14:9-33; Joab’s human solution; God’s plan provides for reconciliation; Absalom’s return to Jerusalem

2 Sam 16

Feb 4, 10

2 Sam13:23-14:8; consequences of David’s inaction; Absalom murders Amnon; meaning of “tore his clothes”; bad decisions result in bad options; Joab intervenes

2 Sam 15

Jan 28, 10

2 Sam 13:1-22; rape of Tamar; the problems of polygamy; specific rules of conduct in the Mosaic law; norms, standards, internal controls; David’s neglect of parental responsibility; sin nature patterns are passed down from parents to children, parents are therefore uniquely qualified to teach their children

2 Sam 14

Jan 21, 10

2 Sam 12:12-31; David acknowledges his sin; Ps 51; significance of fasting; how God answers prayer; Solomon derived from “reconciliation”; only God can turn cursing into blessing

2 Sam 13

Jan 14, 10

2 Sam 12:1-13; Nathan employs a diplomatic tactic that leads David to convict himself; 4-fold judgment on David

2 Sam 12

Dec 17, 09

2 Sam 11:6-27, conditioning oneself for promiscuity and adultery; David’s scheme to get Uriah killed makes him culpable for the death of many Jews; Uriah maintains his ritual cleanliness for battle; Joab’s complicity

2 Sam 11

Dec 3, 09

2 Sam 11:1-5; failures in life; God’s grace recovery from failures; David spiritual neglect results in devastating failures; Bathsheba’s connections to the David; adultery and consequences; human solutions to problems create new problems

2 Sam 10

Nov 19, 09

Hebrew writers often arranged narrative by topic, not chronologically. By comparing texts of 2 Sam chs 8-10 and 1 Chron chs 18-21, the order of events can be determined. David's campaigns against the Philistines, Ammonites, etc. described, which expanded his kingdom according to God's promise. Utilizing the FRD, David understood the battle was the Lord's. David’s kindness displayed to Johnathan's son Mephibosheth.

2 Sam 9

Nov 12, 09

2 Sam 8, 9,10 cf 1Chron 18, 19,20; David’s Transjordan and Syrian conquests; David honors his promise to Jonathan; providing for Miphibosheth

2 Sam 8

Nov 5, 09


2 Sam 7

Oct 29, 09

2 Sam 7:1-17; the meaning of “rest” in Israel; Davidic covenant; traditions of ancient eastern kings; building a house for the Lord and the motivation of David’s heart; God establishes David’s dynasty, Messianic reign

2 Sam 6

Oct 22, 09

2 Sam 6:1-23; moving the Ark, a ri9ht thing done in wrong way; misinterpreting God’s plan; David’s celebration emphasizes the spiritual victory; first music in Levite worship; reaction of Michal results in loss of blessing

2 Sam 5

Oct 15, 09

2 Sam 5:1-25; all Israel recognizes David as king; David continues to conquer the Canaanites in the Land; takes Jerusalem; biblical view of polygamy; problem of syncretism; God works incrementally n our lives to transform us; David inquires of the Lord and defeats the Philistines; angelic host preceded David into battle; 2 Kgs 6:11-17

2 Sam 4

Oct 8, 09

2 Sam 3: 17-4:12; human viewpoint maneuverings only create mess after mess; David called “King”; murder of Abner and Ishbosheth

2 Sam 3

Sep 24, 09

2 Sam 3:1-24; problem of multiple wives; Deut 17:17; getting caught up in the cultural norm; human viewpoint thinking; Abner splits from Ishbosheth and seeks alliance with David; recovering Michal and the problem of remarriage; Deut 24:1-4

2 Sam 2

Sep 17, 09

2 Sam 2:1-32; an uneasy path to the throne; Joab and Abner contest with unintended consequences

2 Sam 1

Sep 10, 09

2 Sam 1:1-27; review end of 1 Samuel; David learns of the death of Saul while residing in enemy territory; execution of the messenger sets an example of reverence for God’s anointed; David’s lament honors Saul and Jonathan