Daniel Series

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Daniel 23

May 14, 15

Review from chs. 7 & 9. Dan 11:40-45; the 70th week timetable and defeat of the Antichrist. 12:1-13; Israel's yet future deliverance, end time resurrections, and sealing of the book. End of Series.

Daniel 22

May 7, 15

Dan 11:5-39. Dan's 4th Vision cont. Prophecies of the Kings of the South & North. This historical account details conflicts between the Ptolomies and Seleucids. The rise of Antiochus Epiphanes leading to the Maccabean revolt. Introduction of the Antichrist and Dan's 70th week.

Daniel 21

Apr 30, 15

Dan 11:1-19. The interpretation of Dan's 4th vision: the kings and kingdoms of Persia and Greece. Is the detail revealed here predictive prophecy or a record of history? Identifying Darius the Mede with Cyaxarex II. The four divisions of Alexander's kingdom.

Daniel 20

Apr 23, 15

Dan 10:1-21. In his 4th vision, Dan sees a theophany. An interpreting angel, sent in response to Dan's prayer, is delayed in the angelic conflict, battling with the prince of Persia. Gabriel strengthens the faithful prophet, preparing him to understand what will happen to his nation in the latter days.

Daniel 19

Apr 16, 15

Dan 9:20-27. Dan's 3rd Vision: The 70 Weeks. God sends Gabriel to explain the purposes of the 490 yrs for Israel's future. Interpretative problems addressed including the decree to restore Jerusalem, the three periods of prophecy, and who the prince is to come in the Tribulation.

Daniel 18

Apr 9, 15

Structure of Dan 1-8 reviewed. Jeremiah's writings on the 70 yr. captivity (Jer 25 & 29). Dan 9:1-19. Dan humbly intercedes for the nation, confessing Israel's past unfaithfulness, while appealing to God's promises for forgiveness and restoration to the land. Rejection of the Sabbatical yr and 3 other reasons why God removed Israel from the land.

Daniel 17

Apr 2, 15

Flyover of Da 1-8. Dan's Historical Orientation; 9:1-2. The 1st & 2nd Jewish deportations reviewed. Approaching the end of the 70 yrs in exile, Dan references Jeremiah's letter to the captives which prophesied their future return. This is pieced together with the restoration promised in Dt 30.

Daniel 16

Mar 26, 15

Da 8:1-27. Review of Dan's 2nd Vision. Alexander's conquests of the Medo-Persian Empire, and Antiochus Epiphanes desolation. Gabriel explains that the vision pertains to future events concerning the nation Israel under the Gk Empire. The "indignation" and "the time of the Gentiles" covered.

Daniel 15

Mar 19, 15

Da 8:1-14. Dan's 2nd Vision: the Ram & the Goat. Prophetic program for Israel during the time of the Gentiles begins. Alexander the Great's conquests against the Medo-Persian Empire. The small horn of Antiochus Epiphanes—desecrater of the temple, followed by the Maccabees’ cleansing of it.

Daniel 14

Mar 12, 15

Da 7:1-28; Re 13 & 19. The 4 beasts of Dan's dream reviewed, followed by a comparison to the image in Da 2, and the dream's interpretation. After persecuting the saints of the Trib, the beast will be destroyed and the believing remnant of Israel will receive the kingdom.

Daniel 13

Feb 19, 15

Da 7:1-17. Vision of the 4 Beasts: the lion, bear, leopard, and horned beast represent the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. The Ancient of Days will execute judgment on the antichrist & Gentile nations, and give the Son of Man a kingdom w/everlasting dominion.

Daniel 12

Feb 12, 15

Da 6:1-28. Daniel in the Lions' Den. Who was Darius the Mede? Dan is a picture of a successful bel living in the cosmic system. Jealous of his success, the rulers conspire against Dan by issuing a decree he violates. He is non-confrontational and continues to worship God, thanking & trusting Him for deliverance. Can we be disobedient & still be biblical?

Daniel 11

Feb 5, 15

Da 5:1-31. The Writing on the Wall Interpreted by Dan—Babylon Falls. Under siege by Cyrus the Great, Belshazzar throws a banquet and intentionally desecrates the vessels from Jerusalem's temple to demonstrate his superiority over Israel's God. But it is God who will sovereignly remove this arrogant ruler and set up the next kingdom of man: the Medo-Persian empire.

Daniel 10

Dec 18, 14

Da 4:1-37. Dan Interprets Neb's 2nd Dream of the Tree. The egocentric king is warned that he will be stripped of his greatness & experience 7 yrs of insanity. Neb is given a 12 mos. grace period to repent, but refuses. Afterwards he is converted, makes a royal proclamation confessing that God is sovereign, and is restored to his kingship.

Daniel 9

Dec 11, 14

Da 3:1-30. King Neb Sets Up a Golden Image. The friends of Dan are maliciously accused b/c of their refusal to worship the image—a charge punishable by death. They keep obedience to God and place their trust in Him when being thrown into the fire. God miraculously delivers them unharmed, revealing to Neb that He is superior to all other gods.

Daniel 8

Dec 4, 14

Da 2:31-49. The Image of Neb's Dream. Each kingdom of man represented in the image is inferior to the one preceding it. Descending from Babylon, to Medo-Persia, to Greece, and the 2-staged Roman empire, God then sets up His own future kingdom bringing the time of the Gentiles to a close. This 5th kingdom, w/God ruling the world, will endure forever

Daniel 7

Nov 20, 14

Da 2:31-38. Dan tells King Neb his dream & gives the interpretation. The statue represents the kingdom of man and pictures man's efforts to est. stability apart from God. God offers Neb the potential of world rulership, shifting to the time of the Gentiles because of Israel's failure to rule.

Daniel 6

Oct 30, 14

Da 2:12-30. In answer to the young men's prayer, God reveals the secret of the dream to Dan. He in turn offers a psalm of thanksgiving, focusing on God's omniscience & omnipotence as the Author of human history. Once in the presence of the king, Arioch tries to take credit for himself, but Dan gives all the credit to God.

Daniel 5

Oct 23, 14

Da 1:18-2:23. Anxious over his dreams, King Neb demands to know both the dream & its interpretation. Dan faces his 2nd crisis w/the potential of execution. The contrast is b/w Neb who operates on HVP, and calm Dan whose soul is filled with DVP. He successfully requests an audience before the king and petitions God in prayer for the secret.

Daniel 4

Oct 16, 14

Da 1:3-2:13. Daniel respectfully makes his request for a change in diet on the basis of what appeals to the Babylonian official. He submits to authority while neither compromising, nor causing offense. Thru the ability to understand visions & dreams, God gives Dan the gift of prophecy. Neb has a dream w/no one to interpret it.

Daniel 3

Oct 9, 14

Da 1:3-9. Dan & friends not only survive and succeed while immersed in a pagan environment, they excel. Cosmic thinking is based on the arrogance & antagonism of man. Beginning w/a change of name, the Babylonian training attempts to erase the Bible doctrine in these young men. Dan picks his battle, resists the diet, and God fights for him.

Daniel 2

Oct 2, 14

Da 1:1-6. God's grace precedes His judgment. He uses prepared bels and His grace is sufficient to protect the bel. Flow of the reigns of the sons of King Josiah. Shinar/Babel represents the kingdom of man, which is in opposition to God. Dan & 3 friends are selected for paganized training. He is calm in the crisis, knowing God controls history

Daniel 1

Sep 25, 14

Historical setting surrounding the deportation of Dan to Babylon in 605 BC, including the fall of Assyria & rise of Babylon. His ~70 yr ministry spanned from King Neb into the reign of Cyrus. Ezek & Christ mention this righteous & wise prophet. Written in both Heb & Aramaic. The book asserts God's sovereignty over the nations, and although suffering awaits Israel, He will fulfill His promises of restoration. Intro Slides.