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Deuteronomy 4

Apr 28, 21

Deut 1:19-46. Israel refuses to enter land (v. 19-33); penalty for their rebellion (v. 34-46). Background (Num 13:17-14:4). How often do we assume the worst when adversity appears? Our God is a loving God. We must call upon Him and trust Him with the solution.

Deuteronomy 3

Apr 21, 21

Deut 1:5-33. A review of Israel's history: the promised land (v. 6-8), the tribal leaders' appointment (v. 9-19), and Israel's refusal to enter the land (v. 19-33). Like Israel, God is providing for us every day. We must have the strength and faith to follow Him (Josh 1:9).

Deuteronomy 2

Apr 14, 21

Deut 1:1-8. Overall lesson reiterated: listen, learn and live. Preview points, timeline and maps reviewed. What is meant by "covenant" (4:13). Ancient Near East covenant format. Study of verses 1:1-4. God wants us to look to the past for lessons for the future.

Deuteronomy 1

Apr 7, 21

Introduction to the Book of Deuteronomy. Context and background on Israelites and Moses (Deut 31). The overall application/lesson: hear, learn and obey (Deut 31:12). Name, author, date, historical background, recipients, place of writing, purpose and outline.