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Jun 4, 08

Josh 24: 29-33; the death of Joshua and Eleazer; principles of death; Joshua called a “servant of the Lord,” a title shared by Abraham, Moses, David, and the Lord Jesus Christ; bones of Joseph buried in Shechem; Gen 33:18


May 28, 08

Josh 24:23-28; importance of Shechem; removing idols and causing ourselves to be guided to the Lord; Joshua establishes a historical marker for Israel at Shechem, a memorial to remind them of their commitment to God; speech by President Ronald Reagan given on the 40th anniversary of D-Day.


May 21, 08

Josh 24: 19-23; becoming functional atheists; Moses’ prediction regarding Israel; Deut 31:16; unique covenantal relationship between God and  Israel; Joshua indicts Israel in a judicial procedure; Deut 4:26; 32:1; Isa 1:2


May 14, 08

Josh 24:19; righteousness of God demands that we worship Him in righteousness; idolatry today—focusing on self and the details of life; Col 3:5; 1Pet 5:5-7 


May 7, 08

Josh 24:19; exclusivity demanded by God  in worship, failing the prosperity test; addressing the fallacies inherent in the New Age movement embraced and expounded by Oprah Winfrey; results of allowing pagan cultures to infiltrate our lives; Gen 19:1ff; Judg 19:1ff


Apr 30, 08

Darwinian evolution continued;  Josh 24:18; Israel cannot serve the Lord if they are dabbling with foreign gods; jealousy of God describes His expectation of exclusivity; Doctrine of Anthropathisms


Apr 23, 08

Shutting God out of academia; Report  from Jon and Valerie Brown, missionaries to the Yanomami in Brazil


Apr 16, 08



Apr 9, 08

Josh 24:13-14; “fear” of the Lord; temptation to worship foreign gods


Apr 2, 08

Josh 24:7-13; Joshua emphasizes four different proofs of God’s grace provision to Israel; seizing opportunities God provides; if we are in a right relationship with God, then giants fall and walls crumble; what God promises He is able to fulfill; metaphor of the “hornet”; the use of hyperbole in Scripture


Mar 26, 08

Josh 24:1-6; Joshua tries to impress on Israel what God has done for them and challenges them to faithful; God brought Israel to obstacles they could not over come forcing them to depend on Him; adversity is designed for us to depend on God


Mar 19, 08

Josh 24:1; Joshua transfers leadership and establishes a covenant renewal ceremony for Israel at Shechem, the very place where God established His covenant with Abraham


Mar 5, 08

Josh 23:16 special study of the Exodus route to the sea and the location of Mt. Sinai cont


Feb 27, 08

Josh 23:16; special study of the Exodus route to the sea and the location of Mt. Sinai; diagram


Feb 13, 08

Josh 23:16; Doctrine of anthropopathisms cont.; anthropomorphisms


Feb 6, 08

Josh 23:16; “ the anger of Yahweh”; Doctrine of anthropopathisms


Jan 30, 08

Josh 23:9-16; Joshua reiterates the ultimate source of Israel’s victory was the Lord and He would continue to fight for them as long they remained committed to Him; the consequences of disobedience.


Jan 23, 08

Josh 23:7; disobedience to God’s commands sears our consciences; 1 Tim 4:2; dabaq “to cling, cleave, hold fast, to commit, to be dedicated” to the Lord; Gen 2:24; Ruth 1:14; Deut 11:22; 14:4; 30:20; God’s commands and design  for the man and wife in marriage


Jan 16, 08

Josh 23:6-7; Israel commanded to be strong, courageous, obedient, and completely forsake the false gods of the nations remaining in the Land; Satan uses incrementalism to wear down our resistance, to draw us in and make us more comfortable with worldly activities


Jan 9, 08

Josh 23:1-5; Joshua’s farewell address;  our God is a personal God who interacts with His creation; at the end of his life, Joshua gives guidance to the leadership of Israel now that they are at rest in the Land; this generation has seen the mighty works of God an they are without excuse; they must not forget what God has done for them; Deut 1:30; 3:22; 9:4


Jan 2, 08

Josh 22; eastern tribes are released to return to their inheritance;  Joshua praises their obedience; a memorial altar―a right thing in a wrong way; western tribes’ reaction; tribes in the east outside the appointed boundaries of the Land; Num 34:3-10; misunderstanding resolved


Dec 26, 07



Dec 19, 07

Josh 20; cities of refuge; Num 35:9-15; Deut 4:41; 19:1-13; duties of the responsible kinsmen; manslaughter; God establishes capital punishment; Gen 8:20―9:6; Ex 21:12; Acts 25;10; Rom 13:1-4; Luke 22:35-39; principles to counter arguments against capital punishment


Dec 5, 07

Josh 19:1-51; history of Simeon and Levi; only God can turn cursing into blessing;  Simeon’s inheritance within Judah; Levi scattered; inheritance Zebulun of  Issachar, Asher, Nephatli and Dan; once tribes move into their lands, Joshua can occupy his inheritance


Nov 28, 07

Josh 18:1-21; tabernacle of meeting moved to Shiloh; Ex 33:7ff; the remaining seven tribes neglect to stake the boundaries of their inheritance analogous to the believer today failing to avail himself of God given opportunities; there are  eternal consequences to our decisions in time; Matt 25:14ff; Joshua orders a survey and inquires of the Lord to know how to partition the Land.


Nov 21, 07

Josh 16:10; significance of Gezer; Josh 17:1-17; Ephriam and Manasseh―God doesn’t always do what we expect Him to do; inquiring of God before taking action, even when we know what to do; Num 27:1-11; 1 Sam 8; failure of the Jews to obey God’s commands; tearing down the thought patterns of the cosmic system that destroy the Bible doctrine in our souls 2 Cor 5: 17; 10:5; Rom 12:2; analogy of the believer to Israel


Nov 14, 07

Josh15:16-16:10;  marriage in OT times; inheritance of Achsah and her orientation to life, a help meet to Othniel; Judah and Ephriam’s failure to conquest the Land; God gives us  opportunities and the resources to achieve them


Nov 7, 07

Josh 14:6-15:17; character traits of Caleb; retirement is a modern concept―Caleb not too old to accomplish God’s plan for his life; boundaries of the inheritance of Judah; family relationships and marriage in biblical times


Oct 31, 07

Josh 14:6-15; Caleb’s faithfulness and willingness to serve not diminished by his 85 years of age;  Caleb requests what God had promised in Num 13:17-14:24


Oct 24, 07

Josh 14:1-5; change in leadership structure in Israel; Num 27:18;  33:1-34:15; Owner of the Land; Lev 25:23; division by “lots”; special blessing to the those who are faithful; Rom 8:16-17; Rev 3:21; Joseph blesses Ephraim and Manasseh; Gen 28:1-21


Oct 17, 07



Oct 10, 07

Josh 13:24-33; Joshua honors Moses’ distribution of the Land to Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh on the east side of the Jordan; the inheritance of the tribe of Levi, no land but service to the Lord; God allows us opportunities as we choose to serve Him; the blessings of service


Oct 3, 07

Josh 13:14-23; the legality of the real estate inheritance teaches  that God keeps His promises;  inheritance of the Levites; Deut 18:1-5; those who serve the Lord to be held in high esteem,; special blessings for those who serve; inheritance of Reuben given by Moses


Sep 26, 07

Josh 13: 7-13; flexibility of God’s plan; history of Israel in OT is a type of the believer in the NT; continuity between Moses’ and Joshua’s administrations; Num 32:1-31; inheritance of the Levis not land but service to the Lord; Num 18:20 ff; Deut 10:8-9; 18:1-5; 33:8-11;  Exo 32:22-29


Sep 19, 07

Josh 13:1-6; out of body  and near death experiences; focus on Joshua’s age; as long as we are alive, God has a plan for our lives; the Land yet to be conquered we would be a test of Israel’s military capability and obedience; because they failed to conquer the remaining areas, they would continue to trouble Israel throughout her history; Judg3:1-4; 1Kgs 16:29ff


Sep 12, 07

Josh 12; out of body and near death experiences;  the list of kings and the land conquered- conquering the land was no easy feat, yet the Lord delivered it into their hands


Sep 5, 07



Aug 29, 07

Josh 11:20-22; how God hardens the heart; Ex 4:21; 5:1ff; 9:13-16; the giants, nephalim, in the Land; Num 13:26-33; the nephalim of Gen 6:1-4 not the same giants; Joshua destroys the Anakim; Deut 1:28; 2:8-10; 3:3-11; David faces the giants 400 years later; 1 Sam 17:4; 2Sam 21:15-22; 1 Chron 7:4-8; giants are not a problem for God


Aug 22, 07

Josh 11:16-20; Moses’ problems with arrogance and anger; learning to be a servant of God; Joshua’s problems of confidence and leadership; learning to be strictly obedient to God; obedience to God allows Him to fight our battles;  hardness of heart


Aug 15, 07

Josh 11:8-15; the size of Joshua’s force; Num 26:1ff; the promises of God; Rom 8:32; 1 Cor 2:9; 2 Cor 4:16-18; Job 12:7-12; Joshua’s complete obedience to the words of God


Aug 8, 07

Josh 11:1-7; confidence from the promises of God; the first battle  diversified forces assemble to attack Joshua; significance of Hazor; Israel not to rely on its fighting ability, but on the power of God; Deut 17:14-20; “ the eye of the Lord”; Ps 33:16-19; Gen 22:1-8; maps and pictures


Aug 1, 07

Josh 11:1-9; northern campaign opens on a powerful note; God was in every detail; strategic city of Hazor;  Judg 4:2; 1 Kgs 9:15; maps and pictures


Jul 25, 07

Josh 10:28-43; Joshua is obedient and victorious; he sets the example for the rest of Israel continuing the advance one step at time while God fights for Israel; nothing is too difficult for God; He takes our failures and turns them into unimaginable blessings


Jul 18, 07

Review Josh 10:26; capital punishment and the Mosiac Law; Deut 21:18-23; Paul emphasizes the importance of human body and the physical death of Christ; 1 Cor 15:20-22; Gal 3:13; made in the image and likeness of God;  Gen 1:26-27; 5:1-3; man created to be physical representation of God on earth, to rule and reign as His agent, to reflect His character, plan, and majesty; the meaning of icthus, the early Church fish symbol for Christianity


Jul 11, 07

Review Joshua 10; “ feet on the necks” a picture of Satan’s defeat; Josh 10:26; principle of capital punishment; Deut 21:18-23; God has always demanded respect for the human body, the house for the image of God and the container for his Son; Gen 9:6; Mosaic Law set precedence for hanging bodies of the executed was realized at the cross­­—salvation completed with work of Christ on the cross; Gal 3:13; Jn 19:31


May 30, 07

Killing the enemy leadership; Saul, an example of failure to execute God’s commands; 1 Sam 15:1-34; spiritual maturity of Joshua; the challenges and problems of others are an opportunity to help; the church is a spiritual combat team; Josh 10:25


May 23, 07

Resounding defeat of the Canaanites; “no one moved his tongue,” a figure of speech; the third miracle—no KIA, no WIA, NO MIA; Joshua’s leadership training; an act of subjugation; making the enemy a footstool; the analogy of the head and the heel; Josh 10:20-24; Ps 110:1-2,6; 1 Cor 15:25, 27; Deut 7:3; Gen 3:15


May 16, 07

Two positions on Gen 1:1-2 and the creation of angels; “today” and the sense of urgency in mental preparation; principles of exploitation and pursuit; Israel finished the rout and Joshua positions them for the southern campaign; Josh 10:15-21


May 9, 07

Only God can turn the consequences of a bad decision into blessing; dispelling urban legends on the Joshua’s longest day; accepting the miracle for what it is; Josh 10:10-15


May 2, 07

The work of the Lord on behalf of Israel—He routs, kills, chases, and casts down hail stones; He has nature at His command; Job 38:22; 1 Sam 7:7-11; Ex 9:24; Rev 16:21; Joshua prays for additional help, more daylight; Josh 10:10-13


Apr 25, 07

The movement of the ark of the covenant; vulnerability after victory; Israel’s alliance with the Gibeonites challenged by a formidable opposition led by Adonai Zedek; Joshua and Israel honor the covenant; Josh 10: 1-7


Apr 18, 07

Joshua learns leadership; good intentions must pass divine scrutiny; importance of prayer; Phil 4:6; Eph 6: 18; 1 Thess 5:17-18; God lays the course; Heb 12:1; consequences of violating an oath; Ez 17:11-16, 18-20; 2 Chron 36:13; God honors Joshua and the Israelites handling of their failure in dealing with Gibeonites; Josh 9:14-21


Apr 11, 07

Review of the Gibeonites deception of Israel; without out going to the Lord the Israelites examine the evidence and draw the wrong conclusions; evolution draws wrong conclusions; Num 27:18-21; Urim and Thummin; Ex 28-:30; Israel honors covenant; Joshua takes responsibility; Josh 9:7-24


Apr 4, 07

God the Holy Spirit reveals to us the identity of the Gibeonites;  Israel reacts to the impertinence of  the Gibeonites; the Gibeonites switch tactics to submission and deceit; Josh 9:1-13


Mar 28, 07

Encounter with Gibeonites; kings in the Land form a federation to fight against Israel; Gibeonites in seeking a peace treaty with Israel present themselves falsely; Josh 9:1-6


Mar 14, 07

Israel’s covenant renewal; Joshua moves the people up to Shechem and builds an altar; the reading of the law at Mounts Ebal and Gerizim; cursing and blessing; Deut 11:26; 27:1-26; Josh 8:30-35


Mar 7, 07

More strikes against the “ Bones of Jesus” from Randall Price; archeological support for Ai; expeditions by ABR; El Maqatir; Josh 8:11, 27


Feb 28, 07

The second battle of Ai/success after failure; yath-“hand, power, authority;  Ai and Bethel are delivered into Israel's hand; Josh 8:1-29


Feb 21, 07

The Lord’s guidance to Joshua on taking Ai; the flexibility of God; the topography at Ai; Joshua’s tactical maneuvers; Josh 8:1-11


Feb 7, 07

The Lord ‘counsels’ Joshua; Israel and Achan’s transgression; sin and fellowship cannot coexist; the consequences of sin; fire—the symbol of God’s judgment; Josh 7:10-26


Jan 31, 07

In our spiritual lives God expects our 100% involvement; Joshua recognizes something is wrong and through prayer works his way to the correct spiritual perspective; Joshua prays as Moses prayed; Josh 7:5-10; Deut 9:25


Jan 24, 07

God’s responses are judicial, not emotional; the Divine Decree; success and failure in our spiritual lives impacts those around us; the symptoms of Israel’s failure at Ai; Josh 7:1-4


Jan 17, 07

The Battle of Ai/Failure after Success; Israel, a picture if the individual believer; God’s anger― anthropopathisms and anthropomorphisms;  the impassibility of God; Josh 1:7


Jan 10, 07

Archeological evidence supports the truth of the Bible’s account of the fall of Jericho; Josh 6:15-27; Deut 9:1; Heb 11:30-31; Deut 4:34; (diagrams)


Jan 3, 07

The Lord gives specific instructions that when followed provide success; Joshua honors oath to Rahab; God’s  faithful to Rahab; curse on Jericho; Joshua exalted; Josh 6:22-27


Dec 27, 06

The significance of the ark of the covenant to Israel; order of the march; the destruction of Jericho and its dedication to the Lord; the rescue of Rahab and her family; the precision of God’s plan; Josh 6:12-23


Dec 20, 06

Josh 6:1-11; Jericho, a strategic victory before the battle is begun; triumphal march of the ark of the covenant, the King; the patience, trust, and obedience of Israel


Dec 13, 06

Continuity problems from structural management of the text; Joshua responds to his superior Commander; situation report on Jericho; the Lord’s guidance and provision; Josh 6:1-2


Nov 29, 06

The holy wars of the Lord; Joshua converses face to face with the Man of War; angels; Josh 5:13-14


Nov 8, 06

The lesson of manna; the sufficiency of Scripture; Josh 5:12; Lam 3:23; 2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:2-3


Nov 1, 06

Importance of the feasts; Attitude of the Jews in Egypt; Leaven; God provides daily needs of “what,” the grain of heaven; Josh 5:10-12; Ex 2:23-25; Lam 3:22-23


Oct 25, 06

John Calvin and the Swiss Reformers; prophetic significance of the feasts of Israel; Israel’s  future, precisely  shaped chronologically.


Oct 18, 06

Four wings of the Reformation; John Huss; Josh 5:10; Passover observance in Israel; the three spring feasts


Oct 11, 06

The Reformation; John Wycliffe; Josh 5; irrationality of the Exodus generation; carnality; Ps 66:16-20; led by the Spirit; redeeming the time; Eph 5:8-18


Oct 4, 06

The perspective of Israel from Abraham to Joshua; the reproach of Egypt; 38 years of training to learn to trust the Lord; Josh 5:8-9


Sep 27, 06

Circumcision, a national ritual; the reproach of Egypt; Josh 5:8-9


Sep 20, 06

Circumcision, sign of a holy nation; Josh 5: 7-8


Sep 13, 06

Canaanite fear allows Joshua to conduct three national rituals; preparation for Passover; no circumcision--the mark of spiritual fornication; Josh 5:1-6


Sep 6, 06

Joshua emphasizes knowledge of God; bad decisions of the Ex generation; miracle of the crossing of the Jordan a testimony to the world; Josh 4:23-24


Aug 30, 06

God’s chosen people; memorial stones and typology; Josh 4:20-23


Aug 22, 06

OT prophets; covenantal relationship, the Suzerain and vassal testimony to the world; timing for the Passover; the first date in mentioned Joshua; Josh 4: 15-19


Aug 16, 06

Joshua’s obedience; the urim and the tummim; five-part crossing; God exalts Joshua; Josh 4:10-14


Aug 9, 06

Memorial stones; teaching subsequent generations; stones analogous to death, burial , and resurrection of Christ; Josh 4:1-9


Aug 2, 06

Joshua’s obedience; memorial stones in the river and on the Land, a testimony to the grace and glory of God; Josh 4:1-3


Jul 26, 06

Lord, athon, is master; the ark takes up residence in the Jordan; the water is cut off; the people guide off the ark; the water stands in one heap;  the nation of Israel crosses over the Jordan on dry ground and enters the Land; Josh 3:12-17


Jul 19, 06

The Lord works through a sequence; developing faith through adversity; Josh 3:9-11


Jul 12, 06

Crossing the Jordan-training exercise; God emphasizes Joshua as new prophet and leader; Josh 3:6-8


Jul 05, 06

Emphasis on God’s moment-by-moment provision; preparation for crossing by sanctification; Josh 3:5


Jun 28, 06

Joshua receives his marching orders; maintaining distance from the ark of the covenant; Josh 3:4


Jun 21, 06

Israel’s focus on the ark of the covenant; Joshua relies on the Lord’s guidance; God’s hand in the minutia of history; Josh 3:1-3


Jun 14, 06

Rahab pleads with the recon team for the protection of her family based on hesed; Josh 2:12-21


Jun 7, 06

How Rahab became a believer of the God of Israel; hearts of the Canaanites are melted; Josh 2:8-12


May 31, 06

Unavoidable moral conflicts; prostitution; Jericho anticipated attack from Israel; Josh 2:1-7


May 24, 06

Higher and lower moral laws and the believer’s obligation; Josh 2:1-7


May 17, 06

Biblical ethics and Rahab’s ‘lie’; Scripture commends Rahab for her belief; historical reality in the light of spiritual belief; Josh 2:1-7


May 10, 06

Rahab believes in Yahweh; her  ‘lie’ and six ethical positions; Josh 2:2-7


May 3, 06

Faith in God and the recon team; the sovereignty of God and the free will of man ; Josh 2:1; Num 10:28-32


Apr 26, 06

Recon mission into the Land; Rahab, the prostitute; Josh 2:1


Apr 19, 06

Joshua obeys the commands of the Lord and prepares Israel to move in a military formation; Josh 1:13;-18; Ex 13: 18; Num 32:17


Apr 12, 06

Chronology of Joshua; preparations to move into the Land; Josh 1:10-13


Apr 5, 06

Commission of Joshua; Josh 1:7-9


Mar 29, 06

Three themes in Joshua: continuity of God’s plan, authority of Scripture, and the principle of holy war; God’s promise to Joshua; Josh 1:1-6


Mar 22, 06

Transition from Moses to Joshua; “servant of the Lord”; God’s promise and Israel’s obedience; Josh 1:1-3


Mar 8, 06

Introduction to Joshua cont.: outline of the book


Mar 1, 06

Introduction to Joshua cont.: date and historical setting; purpose of the book; Ex, Num, Deut


Feb 22, 06

Introduction to Joshua cont.: title; place in canon


Feb 15, 06

Introduction to Joshua: background, authorship