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Judges 83

Oct 12, 10

Judges 21:16-25; assuaging the human viewpoint conscience means “everyone is doing right in his own eyes”; Israel ignores their responsibility in the remnant of Benjamin having no wives and blames God; their human viewpoint solutions only make matters worse; Israel’s irrational justification for stealing the daughters of Shiloh a result of their Canaanization; End of series

Judges 82

Oct 5, 10

Judges 21:4-15; Israel pursues human viewpoint solution to the problem in Benjamin and comes up short; acting like Canaanites

Judges 81

Sep 29, 10

Judges 21:1-5; illegitimate oaths and perfunctory sacrifices

Judges 80

Sep 22, 10

Judges 20:20-48; details of the battle of Gibeah; Israel finally engages in passionate holy war but against their own kinsmen; Benjamin almost destroyed; the nation loses 25,000 of their valiant men

Judges 79

Sep 15, 10

Judges 20:18-35; God uses Israel’s spiritual decline for His own purposes; significance of Bethel; Israel employs an ambush similar to Ai; discipline on all the tribes of Israel

Judges 78

Sep 8, 10

Judges 20:8-17evalution of the Levite’s testimony-incites the entire nation to attack Benjamin; principle of lex talionis

Judges 77

Sep 1, 10

Judges 19:25-20:7; Act of Uniformity 1662; if we want the Lord to bless our actions, we must include Him in the decisions; gruesome act of the Levite as evil as the gang rape of the concubine by the men of Gibeah; Levite call to arms not sanctioned by the ML and results in an inter-tribal war.

Judges 76

Aug 25, 10

Judges 19: 25-30; review; perversion in the Land fragmented the cohesiveness of the tribes; neglect of divine institutions leads to the nation succumbing to evil; divine institutions; homosexuality an assault on divine institutions Gen 11; Rom 1:226-28; 1 Cor 6:9; 1 Tim 1:8-10

Judges 75

Aug 11, 10

Judges 19:1-29; unfaithfulness of Israel causes them to do abominations before the Lord; they have become completely morally and ethically degenerate; cruelty becomes the norm; comparison with Lot in Sodom; Gen 19:1ff

Judges 74

Aug 4, 10

Judges 18:14-31; Micah’s world collapses; the futility of building your happiness on the circumstances of life; time out of fellowship skews norms and standards, dulls the conscience; stages of reversionism, Dan established a pagan house of worship in Lacish- a false house, a false god, and a false location; Wallbuilders intro to American History series 

Judges 73

Jul 28, 10

Judges 18:4-13: paganism distorts our ability to recognize what is wrong; Danites and Levite disobedient to the will of God; dissatisfaction with God’s plan leads to seeking our own plans; a small contingent of Danite warriors head for Lacish

Judges 72

Jul 21, 10

Judges 18:2-3; Wallbuilder’s Congressional Pastor’s Briefing report- American exceptionalism; Danite recon team looking to take advantage of others; the Levite’s disinterest in the Danites indicative of those out of fellowship with God; best counselors using Scripture ask right questions that lead to right decisions

Judges 71

Jul 14, 10

Judges 18:1; outline of chapter; applications from the Danites; doing right in our own eyes; losing focus on the Lord; walking by faith toward the problem, the place of victory; our lives belong to God; testing designed to bring us to spiritual maturity

Judges 70

Jul 7, 10

Judges 17:10-13; Micah doing what is right in his own eyes; the Levite violates ML regarding service to and support from God; open doors from God; deception and seduction of religion versus spirituality, a personal relationship with the Lord that motivates obedience to His commands

Judges 69

Jun 30, 10

Judges 17:6-9; how religious apostasy began (Danites); moral relativism in Israel; a Levite adrift; brief study of Levites

Judges 68

Jun 23, 10

Judges 17:1-5; the depth of paganization/Canaanization of Israel; events of chapters 17-21 concurrent with chapters 1-16; spiritual decline of the homes of Israel; outline of the story of Micah; observations of v.1-5; Israel does not recognize the Lord as King

Judges 67

Jun 16, 10

Judges 16:31-27:1; observations and summary of Samson’s life; biblical view of man for woman; 1 Pet 3:7; the paganization/Canaanization of Israel; consequences of loss of objective reality of faith; subjectivity in the nation; diversity fosters vulcanization .

Judges 66

Jun 9, 10

Judges 16:15-31; Delilah pesters Samson until he gives the secret to his strength; making decision to sin at the point of no return; self-centered prayer; God used Samson to kill more Philistines in his death than in his life.

Judges 65

Jun 2, 10

Judges 16:1-17; Samson's continued sexual lust, self-deception, arrogance, and rejection of God

Judges 64

May 19, 10

Judges 15:14-20; God breaks Samson’s bonds not Samson; God continues to move His plan forward through Samson even though he is negligent toward God; Report on ABWE Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training program

Judges 63

May 12, 10

Judges 15:1-14; Samson’s marriage; outline of chapter 15; Samson’s revenge―no divine motivation; the hidden providence of God protects us

Judges 62

May 5, 10

Judges 14:10-20; an enticing riddle; Samson uses his strength instinctively instead of understanding its purpose; God’s plan accomplished through Samson

Judges 61

Apr 28, 10

Judges 14:9-10; date in Church History 4-28-1789 – HMS Bounty sails for Tahiti; the lone mutiny survivor finds the Bounty’s Bible; Samson’s failure violates both the ML and the Nazarite vow; Doctrine of Intermarriage in OT; application for Church Age believer; Samson embraces Philistine tradition

Judges 60

Apr 21, 10

Judges 14:7-8; Pastor Clay Ward report on Pastor’s Briefing at the Capitol; Samson pursuits his desires; symbolism of the decaying lion carcass and the bees; our God is a God of grace, forgiveness and blessing

Judges 59

Apr 7, 10

Judges 14:4—6; importance of the local church; what are your spiritual priorities; Samson endued with the power of the Spirit but living according to the lust pattern of his sin nature; God’s love for us brings Him intimately into our lives

Judges 58

Mar 31, 10

Judges 13:25-14:4; importance of parental training; Samson’s self-centeredness and disobedience; God’s grace not abrogated by human failure

Judges 57

Mar 24, 10

Judges 13:13-25; Manoah tries to manipulate the angel of the Lord; Samson’s life blessed of the Lord, but he fails spiritually-a reflection of Israel

Judges 56

Mar 17, 10

Judges 13:5-12; Birth narrative of Samson; con’t; the Nazirite vow; uniqueness of Samson’s Nazirite service; Manoah a representative of Israel’s apostasy

Judges 55

Mar 3, 10

Judges 13:1-5; Birth narrative of Samson; doctrine of barrenness; angel of the Lord

Judges 54

Feb 24, 10

Judges 13; the 7 Deliverers of Israel; story outline of Samson; who are the Philistines; Gen 10-13-14; Amos 9:7

Judges 53

Feb 17, 10

Judges 11:38-12:13; comparison of Abraham’s sacrifice and Jephthah’s sacrifice; inter-tribal conflict in Israel; Israel’s lack of spiritual faith erodes political foundation

Judges 52

Feb 3, 10

Judges 11:29-37; Jephthah knew what he was offering in his vow; syncretism; human sacrifice prohibited; Ex 23:33; Lev 18:3; 20:1-5; Jephthah’s hypocrisy; meaning of “bewailing her virginity”

Judges 51

Jan 20, 10

Judges 11: 12-32; truth of biblical dates; OT enduement/endowment of the Holy Spirit; Jephthah takes a vow - an attempt to manipulate God

Judges 50

Jan 13, 10

Judges 11:12-28; Jephthah denies Ammon’s claims on the Land through historical, theological, and chronological arguments

Judges 49

Jan 6, 10

Judges 11:1-12; Elders Gilead seeks Jephthah for deliverance; the faithfulness of God

Judges 48

Dec 23, 09

Judges 10:6-18. Israel was to be the source of change in the world, but the world was conforming Israel. Devoted to idolatry and having rejected the Lord, He in turn rejected them and would not provide deliverance when they cried out from foreign oppression. Remembering God at Christmas and the star that marked the LJC’s birth site (Mt 2:2). Astrophysicist’s article read.

Judges 47

Dec 2, 09

Judges 10:1-16; Outline of chapter; Tola Jair, Jephthah; futility of human effort; a different response from God

Judges 46

Nov 25, 09

Judges 9:56-57; epilogue to the legacy of Gideon

Judges 45

Nov 18, 09

Judges 9:1-55; death of Abimilech; 1 Kgs 22: 18-22

Judges 44

Nov 11, 09

Judges 9:7-25; Curse of Jotham; application of Judges 9 to America today

Judges 43

Nov 4, 09

Judges 9:1-6; living our lives before our children; the problem of syncretism; overview of Judges 9; Abimelech’s strategy for usurpation of power consistent with Canaanite culture

Judges 42

Oct 28, 09

Judges 8:33-36; dimensions of Israel’s evil; implications of Gideon’s life; Doctrine of Gratitude

Judges 41

Oct 21, 09

Judges 8:22-36; contrast between chapters 7 and 8; a de facto king; legacy of Gideon, an illegitimate kingship; faithfulness of God

Judges 40

Oct 14, 09

Judges 8:18-27; details of the Midianite raids into Israel; Gideon’s blood vengeance; using the Lord’s name in vain; ex 20:7; Deut 5:1; Matt 5:33-37; Gideon loses control and claims the victory for himself; Israel asks Gideon to rule as a king; Gideon’s idol a snare to him and all Israel

Judges 39

Oct 7, 09

Judges 8:4-17;Gideon’s ‘diplomacy’; Ehpriams’ problem; arrogance; Prov 11:2; 13:10; 16:18; Judg 8:4ff; Gideon’s revengeful attitude

Judges 38

Sep 23, 09

Judges 7:22-8:3; Gideon victorious over the Midianites but forgets God; Ephriam contends with Gideon; fragmentation of Israel

Judges 37

Sep 9, 09

Judges 6:36-7:21; seeking God’s will or stalling; God ensures Israel understands who is delivering them by His RIF; God enables Gideon to do what He has asked him to do

Judges 36

Sep 2, 09

Judges 6:25-35; Gideon destroys the altar of Baal; fearing God more than people; if God provides the opportunity to serve, then God provides all our needs

Judges 35

Aug 26, 09

Judges 6:11-24; leadership guidance of the Lord; trusting god for the futures based on God’s faithfulness in the past; a fortiori; weakness of Gideon’s faith

Judges 34

Aug 19, 09

Judges 6:1-11; history of the Midianites, Amalakites, God’s indictment against Israel; Gideon beating the grain

Judges 33

Aug 12, 09

Judges 6-9; Gideon; review cycle pattern in Judges; six cycles in Judges; three parts in chapters 6-9 ; summary of events

Judges 32

Jul 29, 09

Judges 5:20-31. Song of Deborah continued. The angels, acting on behalf of God, invoke a torrential flood that sweeps away the chariots of Sisera. Those who sided with the Canaanites are cursed, and those who stood with the Israelites are blessed. Jael is credited with killing Sisera by pounding his head with a tent peg. When God promises victory, the human odds of success are meaningless.

Judges 31

Jul 22, 09

Judges 5:20; “stars of heaven”; study of terms used for angels in the Bible; creation of angels; Job 38:7

Judges 30

Jul 8, 09

Judges 5:15-20; Job 38:7. The Song of Deborah contrasts the tribes that responded to the call of battle with those who did not: Issachar, Naphtali, and Zebulun are praised for their bravery, but Reuben, Gad, Dan, and Asher are rebuked. The song describes the battle scene against the Canaanites and God's sovereign intervention to overcome nature and provide the victory. In 5:19 who are the "stars" that fought?

Judges 29

Jul 1, 09

Judges 5:8-15b; Song of Deborah cont.; historical content behind “Bless the Lord!”; praise for the tribes who respond to the call for battle

Judges 28

Jun 24, 09

Judges 4 review and principles; Deborah an example of a woman responding when male leadership fails; Judges 5:1-8 Song of Deborah

Judges 27

Jun 17, 09

Judges 4:5-23; God preserves the masculine and feminine roles; Deborah not listed as a deliver; 1 Sam 12:6-11; Heb 11:32; Barak’s lack of faith in God and timidity will cost him the glory of Sisera’s death; God delivers Israel

Judges 26

Jun 10, 09

Judges 4:4; preparation for death; 1 Thess 4:13ff; death of the believer for the glory of God; Jn 11:1ff; Deborah adjudicates in Israel

Judges 25

Jun 3, 09

Judges 4:4; biblical role of the woman; the divine design; 1 Tim 2:12-15; Gen 1:17-18

Judges 24

May 27, 09

Judges 4:4; evangelicalism feminism’s false assumptions; Gal 3:26-28; spiritual equality does not eliminate God’s established chain of authority; distinctions brought together in Christ; women’s roles in the local church; 1 Cor 14:27-35; maintaining the husband’s spiritual leadership in the home; 1 Tim 2:8ff; Titus 2:3-5; influence of older women on younger women

Judges 23

May 20, 09

Judges 4:4; doctrine of the prophet cont.; spiritual view of women ruling; Isa 3:10; God’s created order; God’s established chain of authority; 1 Cor 11:1ff; long hair, symbol of responder soul; interdependence between men and women

Judges 22

May 13, 09

Judges 4:4; ezer- helper; doctrine of the prophet

Judges 21

May 6, 09

Judges 4:4; leadership principles; divine institutions cont.; leadership application to marriage and family

Judges 20

Apr 29, 09

Judges 4:4; parallel reading of Judges 4 and 5; leadership principles, divine institutions- human responsibility, marriage; helper

Judges 19

Apr 22, 09

Judges 4:1-3; pattern of disobedience in Israel returns; distractions from the spiritual life; understanding the author’s emphasis-Deborah, a woman, prophetess, wife, she

Judges 18

Apr 15, 09

Judges 3:30ff; the battle is spiritual; compromise with the sin nature produces vulnerability to all manner of cosmic thought; soul slavery to the sin nature destroys capacity for freedom; the significance of Shamgar

Judges 17

Apr 8, 09

Judges 3:20-30; Ehud’s victory provided 80 years of rest in the Land

Judges 16

Apr 1, 09

Judges 3:12-19; prosperity is a struggle in the spiritual life; the curse on Jericho; Josh 6:26; 1 Kgs 16:34; Ehud, an exceptional warrior; spiritual momentum after failure; faithfulness of God

Judges 15

Mar 25, 09

Judges 3:7-11; elements of the pattern of deliverers; the passability and impassability of God; success of Othniel

Judges 14

Mar 4, 09

Judges 3:1-6; disobedience causes deviations in God’s plans for us; training Israel; freedom is not free; the Hivites; Gen 10:16ff; four failures of Israel

Judges 13

Feb 25, 09

Judges 2:7-23; the anger of the Lord; anthropomorphisms and anthropopathisms; notification of the cessation of the Lord’s preemptive strikes against Israel’s enemies in the Land because of their disobedience; God controls the destinies of nations; Lord Woodhouselee, Alexander Fraser Tytler--The Cycle of Civilizations

Judges 12

Feb 18, 09

Judges 2:9-23; failing the prosperity test; judges or deliverers of Israel; the cycle pattern in Israel’s history, a downward spiral

Judges 11

Feb 11, 09

Judges 2: 6-10; chronology of Judges 2; comparison/contrast of Moses and Joshua; wisdom of God’s timing in death

Judges 10

Feb 4, 09

Judges 2:1-5; Study: Angel of the Lord--NT references; Israel failure—the danger of compromise; guarding the soul; emotion not a conclusive sign of commitment; chronological view of Judges chapters 1-3

Judges 9

Jan 21, 09

Judges 2:1-5; Study: Angel of the Lord con’t.

Judges 8

Jan 14, 09

Judges 2:1-5; angel of the Lord reminds Israel of God’s grace provision, His commandments and covenants, their disobedience, and God’s warning; consequences of disobedience; Study: Angel of the Lord

Judges 7

Jan 8, 09

Judges 2:1-5; summary of the difference between Israel at the time of Joshua’s national meeting and Israel’s eventual failure; angel of the Lord; Ex 13:20-33; distracted by the details of life; 1 Jn 2:15-17

Judges 6

Dec 17, 08

Judges 1:22-48; history of Jebus/Jerusalem; failure of Israel to drive out the inhabitants of the Land; misapplication of covenantal relationship by Israel with Canaanites; assimilation of pagan culture/cosmic viewpoint; diagram: maps

Judges 5

Dec 3, 08

Judges 1:8-21; Judah’s first campaign in the hill country; Judah initially conquers Jerusalem; Caleb takes Hebron and Debir; character of Othneil and Achsah; Judah’s failure to overcome superior military technology was a result of their lack of faith in God and His promises

Judges 4

Nov 26, 08

Judges introduction review; 1:1-6; Judah and Simeon; Gen 29:33, 35; Josh 19:1, 9; Num 2:2-3; 26:12; 25:6-9, 14; arms control in the ancient world and adopting pagan methodologies; Thanksgiving 

Judges 3

Nov 19, 08

Judges introduction cont.; 1:1; Israel’s failure to completely renovate the Land analogous to the believer’s failure to renovate his thinking and be wholly committed to God ; syncretism; guidance for Israel’s kings; Deut 176:18—17:20; outline of the book; non neutrality of human viewpoint methodology; routing out the Canaanites and routing out false concepts and every human viewpoint; differences in Judges and Joshua, but no contradictions; Hebrew narrative; Christianity, not just a faith but a way of life

Judges 2

Nov 12, 08

Judges introduction cont.; where the titles of the OT books originated; purpose of the Book- the need for authority in every area of life; the paganization/canaanization of Israel in the Premonarch period

Judges 1

Nov 5, 08

Judges introduction; a historical narrative that contrasts the God’s faithfulness with Israel’s apostasy