Nehemiah Series

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Nehemiah 13

May 9, 13

Mal:1-4; a prophet to a spiritually indifferent people; the consequences of not giving the Lord our absolute best; Israel, the picture of the individual believer in the Church Age

Nehemiah 12

May 2, 13

Neh 12: Nehemiah’ absence and return, the reformation of the people; Nehemiah contends with the people to observe the Law

Nehemiah 11

Apr 25, 13

Neh 11; the relocation of the people and the dedication of the walls; the joy of Jerusalem

Nehemiah 10

Apr 18, 13

Neh 10:1-39. After hearing the Law of Moses (ch 8) and confessing their sins (ch 9), the civil and religious leaders seal a covenant, promising their obedience to God's law. The laypeople as well committed themselves to the commandments of the Lord—in particular, avoidance of intermarriage (Ex 34:16), observance of the Sabbath (Lev 25:3), and adherence to temple regulations. As these post-exilic Israelites set an example of spiritual reformation and commitment to the house of God, so too we should be committed to the body of Christ.

Nehemiah 9

Apr 11, 13

Neh 9; the Levites psalm

Nehemiah 8

Apr 4, 13

Neh 8; the people request the law and return to the holy day celebrations

Nehemiah 7

Mar 28, 13

Neh 7; Daniel Chapter 9

Nehemiah 6

Mar 21, 13

Neh 6:1-19; OT outline overview; Nehemiah is not distracted by those who threaten him; time spent in prayer enables him to remain focused on the work of rebuilding the wall, not himself.

Nehemiah 5

Mar 14, 13

Neh 5:1-19; work on the wall took its toll on families and the economy; taking advantage of others misfortune in times of national urgency; usury; Jewish slavery of Jews prohibited in ML; Nehemiah confronts those Jews who are exploiting the people; sets an example of compassionate behavior

Nehemiah 4

Feb 28, 13

Neh 4:1-23; Nehemiah’s leadership in time of impending disaster; do not be afraid; focus on God, and fight the opposition; preparedness and vigilance in the face of attack while continuing to rebuild the wall.

Nehemiah 3

Feb 21, 13

Neh 3:1-31; Nehemiah organizes the rebuilding of the walls; priests, families, nearby villagers all help in the restoration

Nehemiah 2

Feb 14, 13

Neh 2:1-20; Nehemiah takes a great risk in making requests of the king; praying without ceasing; the king grants all of Nehemiah’s requests; opposition in Jerusalem remains; Nehemiah reveals his plan

Nehemiah 1

Feb 7, 13

Nehemiah Introduction; Neh 1