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Numbers 4

Nov 28, 18

Bill Nye's comments on colonizing Mars. Num 3:1-51. Third chapter explores Aaron, his sons, and the selection, numbering, and placement of the Levites. God's special instructions for Levitical priesthood help us understand the principles of substitution and redemption seen throughout the Bible. While today we have direct access to God previously granted to the priests, we must understand that God is still holy and needs to be treated as holy.

Numbers 3

Oct 24, 18

Num 2:1-34. Recap/update on CEF Rhode Island by Kathi Haley. Intro to Numbers continued. Bible Knowledge Commentary Outline shared as a way to view Numbers by chapters (vs. by geography or topic). In the first chapter, God's purpose for Numbers is both stated (military roster) and non-stated (He cares about details, knew size of nation would be challenged, etc.). Second chapter explores the placement of the tribes in the Israelite encampment.

Numbers 2

Oct 17, 18

Num 1:1-54. The Moon: Required for Life on earth. Introduction to Numbers continued. Historical background: Israel's exodus from Egypt and and first year spent in the wilderness. First chapter explores purpose and logistics of Israel's first census. Dispute over final census numbers discussed.

Numbers 1

Oct 10, 18

Ps 19:1-6. Article by Jamie McIntyre: “Stargazing: What will the next 60 years bring to space?" Introduction to the Book of Numbers: name & author, date, theme & purpose, and outlines. Continuing Exodus's narrative, Numbers compares and contrasts the Exodus generation to the next generation. The book, which records two censuses, spans the time from the Israelites' second year in the wilderness to Moab, as the Next-Gen prepares to enter the Promised Land.