The diagrams and illustrations listed below supplement the recorded series indicated.  Click on the link to view or download the diagrams or illustration used during Bible classes taught by Pastor Inghram. 

Israel Series Lessons
Israel timeline (PowerPoint)  Lessons 6 and following
Hasmonean and Herodian Dynasty (pdf) Lessons 7 and following
Last 5 Kings of Israel (pdf) Lessons 7 and following
Philippians Series Lessons
Compartments of Hades (pdf) Lesson 79
Stages of Sanctification (PowerPoint)  Lesson 96
Ruth Series Lessons
Ruth Introduction (pdf) Lesson 1
Joshua Series Lessons
Archeological Evidence of Jericho (PowerPoint)  Lesson 44
Archeological Evidence of Hazor (PowerPoint)  Lessons 66-67
Exodus Route to the Sea (pdf)  Lessons 94 and following